Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And then there was Lucy.

my life has a lot of different chapters. some worth reading two or three times, some not even worth skimming the pages. and then there are those chapters that you bookmark. you highlight the characters, events, dates; even the smallest tiny detail is treasured. it is so intense you hang on to every second, not wanting to miss anything, not wanting to forget one second.

the last month has been one of the latter for me.

meet lucy j.

lucy jameson was born on october 28. she came out of my belly! this tiny person!

she is someone i've been waiting to meet my whole life. she is someone that i can't get enough of ... i adore this little angel. i am a different person because of her -- a better person. and the future is so bright for her. for all of us.

oh, and i can see my crotch again!