Saturday, August 22, 2009

What I Do

today is day three in sunny california. i'm here for an event. that's what i do. events and marketing. events are a blurry time of averaging 3 hours of sleep each night and working our guts out for the other 21 hours of the day. but they can be super fun, too.

this is why:

this is me with one of my favorite friends and colleagues backstage during today's general session. it had to be posted because we actually look adorable despite being in work-induced delirium (yet simultaneously kicking serious ass). she is funny. she seems to enjoy my sarcasm, even rivals it... and is also extremely smart and talented. sigh. one of my favorite people. i hope she'll proof this entry.

i love my staff. they make me laugh and they work fantastically hard. it's a crazy, hellish, whirlwind weekend yet something--some small little something--about it makes it fun. that "something" is the people i work with.

oh, and the fact that there are a million nerds here for some Warcraft video game convention. these "gamers" (as they go by) are totally, awesomely out of control. tonight, we snuck into their massive event and watched Jay Mohr conduct a dance off. not just any dance off; a dance off between demons and elves and whores and monsters. this is a world i am not familiar with but am completely intrigued by. seeing people in capes doing normal things while talking in elf accents and recreating dances seen in the World of Warcraft could possibly be one of the most bitchin' things ever to experience.

anyway, photo above = cute. thanks, e.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


August is whirling by like bad news your mind can't process as fast as your stomach feels it.

And since nobody knows what might happen tomorrow, here is where I've been.

I went to Milwaukee and Chicago and saw The National. It was fucking awesome. Both times.

Salt Lake City launched the world's best Twilight Concert Series ever. I've been to all but one concert. Sometimes I see my friends and we try not to get beat up:

The World's Cutest Nephew turned 1. He could very well be the prototype of the perfect baby boy:

I thought I might die from the pain from what turned out to be bleeding ulcers that hurt really bad. I corrected the previous "I almost died" caption because someone (who I love very much) reminded me that I may be taken literally. I am very dramatic when I am sick. I am not dramatic when I am healthy. Anyway, I got demerol when they knocked me out for same day surgery. Piece of cake. (Update: Karma, please forgive me. You got my sarcasm, right?)

My C.J. started Jr. High and I almost (but didn't) die again (because she's growing up so fast):

Someone very close to me lost someone very close to her. I visited my grandpa's grave and talked to him about it. I went to the fair in Spanish Fork. I saw pictures of the Senator's spawn, who happens to be a beautiful princess. I recalled an awesome memory about Ryman Theatre.

I still have (and love) the most adorable and rotten Smokin' Sunday family, I have some new friends that are super cool and talented*, I have old friends that I don't see enough, I don't love my job but I guess I have one, and I pretty much have a perfect boyfriend.

There I said it.

*More to come on this topic.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Don't call it a comeback.

Fewer things are more annoying than being sick. Especially when there are a million things you want to do, and a million more you have to do. Last week, I felt like death. I looked like death. And as much as I try, I just can't will my immune system to correct things. The added stress of trying to keep up at work and home make it impossible to get better. I quickly realized this was no flu, common cold, or PMS.

I spent Saturday with my entire family ... Like, my ENTIRE family. It turned out to be pretty good medicine. I'm lucky to have them, I realize that. I maybe probably should tell them that more often. Or at all. I don't know, maybe they know. I've been pretty detached lately.

There just never seems to be enough time to do everything. Everyone is always saying there is never enough time, there is so much to do, I wish I had more hours in the day. I hate that. What if there are plenty of hours in the day and we've just become completely unreasonable in what we are expecting to accomplish?

I blame it on capitalism and greed in our country. Many other countries don't work like we do and they spend way more time taking siestas and eating and dancing and vacationing.

So maybe being sick is a reminder to change the things in your life that suck and spend time doing things that don't suck. Like hanging out with my adorable daughter, taking my nieces to the park, going to my nephew's birthday party, and taking naps. There is plenty of time. Plenty.

I'll make time.