Thursday, March 21, 2013

credit fraud

i've never really been a fan of clich├ęs, but lately i have been mentally reciting the really old one: "it's amazing what is accomplished when nobody is worried about taking the credit." i guess it's human nature to want to feel important, be recognized or rewarded for hard work. i understand that. it is a fundamental human need. and sure, it bugs me when people take credit for my work but not to the extent of anything more than a small shudder. is it weird that i am satisfied knowing what i have helped accomplished regardless of who else knows or recognizes it?

maybe it's another sign that i am getting old. i love seeing other people succeed and be happy. i love giving credit to those who i see working hard. it makes me happy, in particular, to see a group accomplish something and the camaraderie it creates. there are few things in life that ONE person can accomplish alone.

take politics for example. every race is about what "i" can do to make it better. i will reduce the national debt, i will cut taxes, i will create more jobs. well, it's horseshit. no ONE person can do any of those things without an entire army of people helping. and funny how when failure comes around, none of those politicians say, "i failed you. i didn't do what i said i was going to do. i'll do better." if you're going to take the credit, at least be willing to accept the blame.

i am a single mom but i certainly have not and could not raise my girls alone. there is a whole group of people who have a hand in our lives. family, sisters, brother, grandparents, nannies, friends ... no way could i do it alone. and even though sometimes i feel alone, i am the first to admit i am not. not even close. my girls wouldn't be the amazing girls they are without the influence of many others. yes, ultimately, i am responsible for them, but thank God they have so many people who love them and care for them. so many people i can call and lean on; so many that do it without being asked.

misery is the result of constant comparison. worrying about what everyone else contributes, how many hours they work, who said what, who has what, who did what. bookkeeping robs us of happiness. i am all about giving credit where it is due. i am all about doing my part. of course there has to be balance but if we all just did what we needed to -- or wanted to -- out of a genuine desire to make the office, home, world, community better ... it'd probably be pretty amazing. maybe even change the world.

dedicated to melissa.