Monday, August 3, 2009

Don't call it a comeback.

Fewer things are more annoying than being sick. Especially when there are a million things you want to do, and a million more you have to do. Last week, I felt like death. I looked like death. And as much as I try, I just can't will my immune system to correct things. The added stress of trying to keep up at work and home make it impossible to get better. I quickly realized this was no flu, common cold, or PMS.

I spent Saturday with my entire family ... Like, my ENTIRE family. It turned out to be pretty good medicine. I'm lucky to have them, I realize that. I maybe probably should tell them that more often. Or at all. I don't know, maybe they know. I've been pretty detached lately.

There just never seems to be enough time to do everything. Everyone is always saying there is never enough time, there is so much to do, I wish I had more hours in the day. I hate that. What if there are plenty of hours in the day and we've just become completely unreasonable in what we are expecting to accomplish?

I blame it on capitalism and greed in our country. Many other countries don't work like we do and they spend way more time taking siestas and eating and dancing and vacationing.

So maybe being sick is a reminder to change the things in your life that suck and spend time doing things that don't suck. Like hanging out with my adorable daughter, taking my nieces to the park, going to my nephew's birthday party, and taking naps. There is plenty of time. Plenty.

I'll make time.

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  1. I so feel you on this!!! I was just thinking that all I do is work and sleep my life away and even when I'm in the day off event time, I'm just thinking about what I have to do next. I'm rushing through life for what?


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