Wednesday, August 19, 2009


August is whirling by like bad news your mind can't process as fast as your stomach feels it.

And since nobody knows what might happen tomorrow, here is where I've been.

I went to Milwaukee and Chicago and saw The National. It was fucking awesome. Both times.

Salt Lake City launched the world's best Twilight Concert Series ever. I've been to all but one concert. Sometimes I see my friends and we try not to get beat up:

The World's Cutest Nephew turned 1. He could very well be the prototype of the perfect baby boy:

I thought I might die from the pain from what turned out to be bleeding ulcers that hurt really bad. I corrected the previous "I almost died" caption because someone (who I love very much) reminded me that I may be taken literally. I am very dramatic when I am sick. I am not dramatic when I am healthy. Anyway, I got demerol when they knocked me out for same day surgery. Piece of cake. (Update: Karma, please forgive me. You got my sarcasm, right?)

My C.J. started Jr. High and I almost (but didn't) die again (because she's growing up so fast):

Someone very close to me lost someone very close to her. I visited my grandpa's grave and talked to him about it. I went to the fair in Spanish Fork. I saw pictures of the Senator's spawn, who happens to be a beautiful princess. I recalled an awesome memory about Ryman Theatre.

I still have (and love) the most adorable and rotten Smokin' Sunday family, I have some new friends that are super cool and talented*, I have old friends that I don't see enough, I don't love my job but I guess I have one, and I pretty much have a perfect boyfriend.

There I said it.

*More to come on this topic.


  1. What? Dude...that's a lot! You almost died? Shit!

  2. Someone at work sent me a very serious email today that said, and I quote, "I am sorry that I said "you were killing me" for not having the list ready. I had meant it in jest."

  3. Oh Drama 101, you are forgiven! The way I see it, no one really ever wants to wear the buttless hospital gown, so I thought maybe you really did almost die! When I had the swine flu, I wanted to die...that shit is a mother fucker! :)

    Kind of off topic, my naieve to the world, living under a rock of a disillusioned uber-Christian just recently failed marriage friend that I've known since childhood is trying to be more "hip". She sends me this blank email with just a title: "Call me as soon as you get this. The shit has hit the wind."

    ??? It was like hearing my grandma say "women are bitches"...I could not take her seriously.


  4. You better not die without checking with me first, goddamnit.



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