Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo!

Remember last year's Cinco de Mayo? Yea, me neither.

Today I trolled around town looking for my Fantasma but he didn't appear. I thought this year perhaps he would come in the form of a rodent or an ice cube ... but he has not shown up yet. Maybe he is a city ghost. Maybe the country is too remote for even a spirit.

My sister and Brett hosted a pretty awesome Cinco de Mayo party. I made an appearance and enjoyed a fresh, delicious pina colada. I was really impressed with the margarita jello shots, Patron, Corona, Dos Equis, bean dip, kabobs, and other traditional favors. I didn't stay long enough to see the destruction of the pinatas but I can't wait to hear the stories. They even had a cotton candy machine. Awesome!

I am pretty sure Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite holidays. There is nothing about it that I don't love. Now, I will sleep in hopes that my Fantasma de Phyllis Diller comes to me in my dreams. I sure do miss that creep.


  1. Phyllis Diller drinks happy hour cocktails at Latitudes restaurant in Pacific Grove! There is even a picture on the wall.
    You will have to come visit me and we will go phantasma hunting!

  2. Hush! I must see this Phyllis Diller and photo that you speak of ...


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