Thursday, September 27, 2012

beavers, politics, and lockouts

over the last week and a half, Lu has decided that her bed time is from 10pm to 12am with party time starting at 1am and lasting until 6am, which is when i have to wake up. as a result, i have been getting very little sleep and am totally sleep deprived. missing four or five nights of sleep makes me crazier than usual. last night i thought i saw a real live beaver dart across my bedroom. you know when the hallucinations start, it's getting serious.

i have tried to write but since my brain can't even figure out what day it is, there have been many failed attempts and several pages being written and then deleted. just crap. but i have been super productive in other ways. for example, i have caught up on some awesome Facebook action. it's prime time for some good reading thanks to the upcoming election. it blows my mind what people think and have no problem saying in a public forum.

i have genuinely tried to avoid posting anything about politics because, well, first of all, it's setting myself up for a barrage of insults from angry republicans; and second of all, i would much rather post about hard hitting issues like ice cream and oil changes. THAT SAID ... i did post two incredibly long essays in response to comments made on my mother's page and my sister's page because the dialogue was almost as disturbing as seeing a 400 lb, extremely hairy, blind man sitting on my toilet (another sleep deprivation hallucination). i just can't believe that people are so ignorant and quick to blurt out things they've heard on tv with the intent of insulting someone else.

for example, my little sister had to have an emergency root canal and her insurance hasn't kicked in yet. somehow that turned into one of her "friends" in the military criticizing her. huh?

"nothing like going to the dentist at 7am and finding out you have to have a root canal. and with no insurance."

how is that perceived as any kind of political statement or invitation to discuss politics? it sparked some of the stupidest things i've ever heard a grown man say and TRUST ME, i've heard a lot of men say some REALLY stupid things. and not just stupid, but bitter and mean.

the other one? some 50 year old lady on my mom's wall called Obama "Owe-Butt-Wad" in her very intelligent tirade regarding Kool Aid drinkers and God. and blah blah blah. what in the hell? people aren't even talking about the fundamentals anymore. it's all about "you're an asshole because you don't agree with me" and "you're a lazy piece of crap because you don't have health insurance." it is annoying and it makes me want to ram my car into the house.

i also wrote a very insightful piece on college football in the state of Utah and how awesome it will be to watch USU beat BYU next week. this is all very exciting stuff that happens in the middle of the night. what else? oh, i bought a mini van on, and i played some kick ass games of scrabble. so, not all bad.

in other news, i am happy to be the first to report that the NFL has finally reached an agreement with the locked-out officials. a few hours ago, the deal was made and officials will be back for tonight's games. so that's pretty sweet. anyway, that's all i got. i'm going to see if i can get this vampire baby to go to sleep. my next post will probably focus on the rise and fall of Vince Young. or oppression in the workplace. i haven't decided.

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