Monday, February 25, 2013

you're as cold as ice

it is frigid. ridiculously cold. the heater decided to go on the fritz in the middle of tonight. taking out the garbage was benumbing. it's not a friendly chill. i despise it. how many more winters will i subject myself to this? chilled to the bone?

i'm totally annoyed with the cold. i'm annoyed with the jackass credit card company from 8 years ago garnishing my paycheck, i'm bored by doing taxes, and i just don't feel like holding it down. there is always way too much to do. and i'm not talking about busy work ... i'm talking about the necessities: laundry, grocery shopping, paying bills, getting older, helping with homework, sleeping, working, surviving, showering. it's not ever going to slow down, is it?

i do see a light in the near future. a warm, yellow, glorious light called the Mexico sun. in less than a week i'll be in Akumel without a phone, laptop, or Internet connection; no choice but to be a prisoner to vacation. it's going to be awesome. a crew of girlfriends headed for fun and relaxation. i literally might board the plane with a hat, some deodorant, and my flip flops. who has time to pack? my skin is translucent. i can't remember the last time i saw my swim suit. it is what it is.

i can't wait for my muscles to relax instead of bracing for the biting cold, or to sleep in without worrying about tomorrow's agenda. to laugh until my sides hurt. to not comb my hair or do my makeup for 9 days. i might even get crazy and read a book!

i'll miss my girls, family, and my friends, but i'm ready. i need this. i'm over listening to debates about looming budget cuts, the hour commute, cars sliding all over the roads, ben affleck, and the smell of walmart. bring me sandy beaches and coconuts. bring me a language i don't speak. bring me complete silence interrupted only by the breaking tide.

let's do this, hermanas.

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  1. I saw you in a bikini one...running thru the snow trying to get paid to live on a beach and rake the sand for a living. I saw it.


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