Monday, April 20, 2009

Chloe's Odyssey: OMG

now THIS is happening:

(text messaging from school today)

chloe: Omg!! Mom! I just chipped my pedicure again but this time it took off like half my nail!! And a sticker won't fix it!!!!!!

me: Half your nail?!

chloe: Like the top!!! I'll send u a pic!

me: Ouch. It looks painful.

chloe: Yeah but look at my pedicure!!!!!! I'm sooooo sad!!!!!!

me: Well, when it grows out we'll get er fixed. You gotta take it easy on those toes, little one.

chloe: Mom!!! I want it fixed sooner than that because it drives me crazy & it's ugly!!!!

me: Well I can't make your toenail grow back! Just take it easy on the damn thing!

chloe: Thanks, Mom. Thanks ALOT.

she's 12. welcome to my life ...

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