Friday, April 10, 2009

if i had one wish...

if i had one wish i would wish for my boyfriend to come home, build a fire, play his guitar for me, and maybe sing... and then the cold rain would be warm and the lonely silence would be welcome. and the whiskey would taste so much better.

nothing profound. just a wish for right now.


  1. Carly, So really it's like four wishes because the only thing you really have is the whiskey.

  2. funny. f off, trout. you don't know me.

    good thing whiskey is my boyfriend. and i do have a fire (place), and i do have a cuddly blacket, and i do have a million boyfriends that will sing to me with their guitars (on my iPod), and sometimes....
    that's all you need.

    thanks for ruining a beautiful thought, though.

  3. I dig your wish. I have those wishes too. I was actually just having a wish that there was someone warm to curl up with. And by warm, I mean someone who didn't want to warm up with a hand down my pant and a blunt object assaulting my lower back. Hmm...yeah, I just cynicized my own wish. Gaaaawd, I'm so friggin jaded. Sorry.

    The other thing I dig that you had such a cool grandpa. This has entirely nothing to do with boyfriends or whiskey but I'm going there anyway. I never knew either one of mine. That's one of my wishes too - I wish I got to know them. I think that there is a significant lack of appreciation for having the precense of an elder generation. I got some step-grandparents a couple of years ago and that was pretty cool. They're spunky and full of adventurous stories. Trying to look through the wrinkles and lines of those old hands and faces is a story in itself. Do you ever look at the people you know and imagine they were strangers and try to figure out what you could tell of about their lives by just how they present themselves? I've always wanted to volunteer at a rest home...I should find the time to do that before it becomes a permanent on the back burner in my mind.

    Well now, I should stop. I've completley rambled all over your wishy blog. I guess a ramble is better than what that fishy ahole left. Yeah, f off, is my sentiment too.

  4. come back to us, Trout. we need a man's perspective. just realize we're tough gals... we get a little defensive. we mean no harm. it's healthy discussion!

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  6. I am back! Ladies, ladies. All I implied was that she was almost there.I know her well enough to know that Jamison counts for several of her wishes. It just came out wrong. I've been out of town with the Mr. but promise to give you my perspective.

    Don't underestimate the bliss that comes with whiskey, solitude, and your ownthoughts. It can be wonderful. And then any hand in your pants is yours. If you want it.


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