Saturday, February 4, 2012

hell hath frozen over

2012 is definitely a New Year.
it is a good year. a better year.
it has already been a year of many firsts.

(so what if it's only been a month! cut me some slack.)

first time i've had resolutions and stuck to them. first year i've been easier on myself. first time i've dated a "nice" guy. first time i've been dumped. first time i've rocked a mullet. first year i've been real about stuff. first year i've loved cooking. first year i've considered botox. first time i've been this awesome.

from that list, the cooking part probably shocks us all the most.

i have cooked and actually really loved it. and loved what i've made. and others have loved what i've made. (well, one little lady did gag on my crock pot creation but ... )

on that note, here is what's up for Super Bowl Sunday and reason number 101 i'm excited for the game.

stuffed mushrooms
boneless chicken wings
seven-layer dips
homemade alfredo
parmesan garlic bread balls
Coctel de Camarones con Salsa Tomatillo

oh hell, just look here if you need the details.

the point of it all is simply that you should never say never. i am not really sure what sparked this newfound love, oh wait, yes, it was the vodka gummy bears recipe i found ... that's exactly where it all started. nevertheless, it's just really something!

last night, The Teenager actually said, "ugh, i've got to leave the kitchen. i'm starving and everything smells so good!"

who knows? maybe the Mayans are right after all.

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  1. i WILL cook something for you!!! :) damn Mayans...this is supposed to be my year!


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