Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Glory Days in the Wink of a Young Girl's Eye

I love it when awesome bands cover my dad's songs. We all grew up with his music and it's nice that the kids are paying homage to his timeless tunes.

I found this video today and it made me cry, in a good way. I love Gaslight Anthem. I discovered them completely by accident a few years back. I think the video and song made me cry because it's my dad's 56th birthday today and no one loves The Boss more than him. And while I haven't seen my dad for awhile, I suddenly want to. Really bad.

My generation of music collides with my father's in this awesome Springsteen cover:

Gaslight Anthem - Backstreets

If I were in the mood to share some more good music with people who don't deserve it, I would also note that my dad's latest album, Working On A Dream, might be a little prosaic and somewhat grasping, but still respectable for a 69-year-old rocker. (Okay, he's only 59, but age is nothing but a number.)

Here comes more good news... The genius behind Dad's new album is that he and The E Street Band called upon my experience to do some awesome marketing and PR for them. Check out their site Hangin' On E Street. You'll be delighted to find other hip artists covering their songs. (Hint: "Glory Days" by The Avett Brothers and "Dancing In The Dark" by Ted Leo.)

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