Monday, March 2, 2009

Mama, I Love Tim Kasher

Well I do. And you should, too. First of all, he sings for Cursive. Cursive's albums The Ugly Organ and Happy Hallow were the soundtracks of my life during the winter of 2006 .

I think I had The Ugly Organ on repeat for the entire month of November. My grandpa was dying, I was in lust with a tall, dark-haired, tattooed boy, and I rarely got out of bed. "Art Is Hard" played over and over again as I drove to the city to watch strange bands and be alone with the snow. Kasher's vocals on "Sierra" tore my heart out and made me love my daughter's father for all his faults.

Happy Hallow is the quintessential album for anyone from a small town or whom has ever questioned their religion. "Bad Sects" provided a paradisiac milieu for beer-flavored make out sessions. It was an escape from the dark winter that personified death. This verse alone narrated our empty realationship:

Some nights he'd proclaim his preference
But only flat back drunk on a bottle of Jameson.
One of those nights we stayed up, the two of us.
Singing our lives, just the two of us.
We were hiding in the dark,
I fell asleep by his side.

I love Tim Kasher for totally different reasons as the front man for The Good Life. Who can resist his softer, more forgiving side and even-tempered songs? Not me. "You're Not You" from Album of the Year is easily on my top ten list for one of the best songs ever written. If you dig a little deeper, you can also find his collaborations with Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley, Thursday and Son, Ambulance. Yea, he's good.

Anydamnway, the reason I bring all this up is because Cursive's new album Mama, I'm Swollen is dropping March 10! gets can get a digital 320 mp3 version today for $2! It's true. Yesterday, it was $1, tomorrow it will be $3, increasing $1 per day until the official release date. Totally sweet deal!

You can find the links to purchase the album at Saddle Creek or via the Cursive website.

Buy it, love it, live it. You won't regret it.

In the meantime...lay on the porch with someone you love--despite their flaws--and listen to this:

Cursive : Bad Sects

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