Wednesday, September 9, 2009

He's gonna launch that dog!

I work in marketing. I can't really reveal the name of the company for obvious proprietary reasons... but we just launched a miracle product at our last event. Here is a great shot of my boss unveiling the hottest thing on the market right now.
I submit to you... Frank-fitter®

Some testimonials we have heard so far are:

"I laid some Frank-fitter on my dead grandma's feet and she came back to life."

"I used to have B.O. but I started eating Frank-fitter and now I'm totally popular."

"Frank-fitter made all my wrinkles go away. Most people think I'm 29. I am 87."

"Instead of an epidural, I leaned on Frank-fitter during natural childbirth and had no pain whatsoever."

"I ate half a Frank-fitter and immediately received 500 new Facebook friend requests."

"I started taking Frank-fitter and now I have a boyfriend."

"I fill the tub and soak in Frank-fitter pieces. My skin has never felt (or smelt) better."

I love my job. Today.


  1. Frank-fitter cured my genital warts with only 3 applications.

  2. Frank-fitter got rid of my yeast infection overnight! Thanks Frank!

  3. and this is after a cold shower!

  4. before Frank-fitter, Chuck Norris was just an average guy


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