Thursday, September 3, 2009

monterey: here to stay?

i arrived in monterey, california today (by a small act of God) and am already enamoured by the place.
martinis, crackers and cheese, my sister, and best friend for life--all reunited for a weekend of wine tasting, pebble beach, shopping, and a convertible.

our luggage didn't make it but that just means Delta will buy us new clothes. nothing can ruin this trip. NOTHING.

i would live here. it's a beautiful, amazing place. i cannot think of one place i'd rather be right now. the only thing that would make it better (if that's even possible) is if KG was curled up next to me.

monterey. will you keep me?

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  1. No luggage!? Blast! Monterey is one of my favorite places ever. The smell of the ocean, the jelly fish in the aquarium, and the clam chowder at the Fish Hopper...good day. Have fun in our California sun. :)


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