Tuesday, August 24, 2010

From the desk of ...

There is no real purpose to this post, other than to get a few things off my chest. My writing tonight is the equivalent of finally dropping off those old clothes at Goodwill.

I feel stupid. I feel like I need to learn something new by taking a class, reading a book, or traveling to another country. Or I need to find a totally different career. Or maybe I just need to have more interesting conversations. I had dinner with one of my best friends recently and I realized how much I miss two things: pork chops and perspective. Sigh. Good friends are important.

Sometimes I let myself get worked up too much. I mean, I really shouldn't dislike Tom Cruise so much. It's not productive. And who cares if People magazine wrote a review of The National (months ago) that was completely ridiculous? Why can't I let it go? I guess the same reason I have fierce aversions to Jersey Shore and Tosh.0. Hate both shows but for entirely different reasons.

I have barfed up all my favorite foods this summer. Even my beloved Big Mac. I could see the sesame seeds from the bun. Gross, huh?

Celebrities still creep me out.

I get embarrassed when I read things I have written for various jobs or mindless ramblings. I am sure I'll be embarrassed about this blog one day.

There are two sounds that make me feel safe: the furnace kicking on and Al Michaels' voice.

I find gossiping offensive to the point it makes me physically sick. There is nothing uglier or more disgusting than someone who uses his or her day spreading gossip.

This month I made red velvet cupcakes. I had been talking about them since March and I finally did it. It was the first time I'd baked in years. They were damn good. I injected them with cream cheese frosting ... like red velvet Ding Dongs.

Hopefully this brief and insignificant purging will make room for new, exciting things in my brain.

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  1. 1. I <3 you
    2. I totally told someone that I felt stupid the other day. It was after I heard that my 22 yo cousin with zero (read that again z-e-r-o) life experience landed a $50 an hour job because she lived and breathed nursing school for 4 years...that seemed like a lifetime of torture for me at 18 years old. Hindsight. Aside from a couple of astute blog worthy posts, I've been mind numbingly stagnent for too long. I even had to google how to spell kegel today...pathetic. P-a-t-h-e-t-i-c.
    3. My sister got me a red velvet cake for my birthday this year and I nearly cried.
    4. I feel like barfing right now.
    5. Garage sales and the Goodwill make me itch.

    The End


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