Wednesday, October 19, 2011

30 Things: Day 24

a letter to your parents

Along with the grammar revision for 30 Things, I would also implement new rules. For example, you should be able to "pass" one day. Meaning you don't have to do it but can instead blog about whatever.

About a week ago CJ said I should let LJ dip her toast in chocolate milk. I immediately said, "Hey! My dad used to do that." CJ said, "That is my most vivid memory of when I was little and you'd come in and give me ladyfingers in chocolate milk. And tickle my back." She had the sweetest look on her face. It's weird to think I was the little innocent girl eating toast dipped in chocolate milk. Ever. Seems like 10,000 years ago. But thank you. Thanks for passing that along to me. I still enjoy doing it myself.

When LJ was born, I used to hope CJ would sleep through her alarm. And then I would act kind of mad but let her stay home with us. Only once in a while of course. Hey, it was snowy outside and I had a newborn. That's a long drive considering those circumstances. We'd snuggle up in bed and watch LJ. I will cherish those memories forever. Mom, you used to do that. Let me stay home and go to work with you or hang out. You would take me to Hart's and buy me a pink cookie. Thanks for being that kind of mom. I remember very little of what I missed a handful of days at school, but I know how cool it was to hear you brag about me to your colleagues.

With love,

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  1. Me and Barbara are humming Memory, the theme from CATS!, in the background of this blog...


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