Tuesday, October 25, 2011

30 Things: Day 26

what do you think about your friends

i have to say to whomever passed out friends in heaven, i hit the motherload. i have amazing friends. i turned in my "boyfriend" and "shiny hair" cards to triple up on friends. and all but maybe two of my exes are now my friends, so i am incredibly happy i did.

i think about and appreciate my friends a lot more than they realize. they make me sane. they love me no matter what. they love my babies. they listen. they watch. they refrain. they are just the perfect friends. i mean ... PERFECT.

we've shared laughter, tears, heartache, happiness, pizzas, disasters, whiskey, kids, beds, glasses, jobs, disappointment, love, dates, boyfriends, the backseat of police cars, online chats, phone dates, rodeos, irish car bombs, music, kisses, hugs, bar tabs, cab rides, and more.

if i thought words would ever adequately convey what i think about my friends, i'd keep going. instead, i think i'll leave it at that. you know who you are. yes, even you.

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