Friday, May 8, 2009

A girl walks into a bar...

She orders a drink. Once her drink is gone the bartender looks at her and says, "Can I get you another?"

Girl: "Yes, please."

Because obviously, when someone's glass is empty there is only one thing to do... fill it again.

When your glass is full, life is good. You've got what you need, it makes you happy, and you don't really think about it. You just enjoy drinking it all in.

My glass was empty this week. Like, drink thrown in my face and empty glass slammed down in front of me. And I tried to figure out why the bartender would do such a thing, and not ask if he could get me "another" or give me a reason or say, "don't go." It made me sad for a minute but then after a series of tears and more tears and talking to myself about it for 48 hours, I realized that my empty glass would be filled again. But maybe with something different this time.

I am not mad; I am hurt. But I learned something. There are so many things to fill (what only seems like) an empty heart with. If we've filled it so much with the same thing until it just finally bursts, it really just leaves room for other things. And you remember and appreciate what those things are. And they've always been there.

And if the bartender offers no type of apology and makes no attempt to.... well, do anything but shrug his shoulders, it's simply time to let go. And it probably has been for a long time.

You learn things about yourself when your heart is broken. But you learn more about the person that broke it.

I'm not super big on drama but I am honest. And I am a good friend. And I would do whatever I could to save a friendship that meant something--anything--to me. It's not an easy pill to swallow when you realize how unimportant you were to someone you cared about. But I'll find something to chase it with. It happens every day, right? And to my friends that I trust with my life and heart, let's have a round on me... thanks for sticking by me. Even when I was over served.

This song randomly shuffled on my iPod today. I haven't heard it for a while and it brought me lots of happiness:

Better Days
by Peter & the Wolf 

My old man, he sailed away
By a boat upon the sea
My mother held her head high
And smiled down on me
She said, "Boy, get wise
Work harder, do something with your nights
Look smarter
I promise you it's better days ahead"

And you, you were my friend
When I had nothing to my name
When all the world turned on me
You still treated me the same

And we've been through hell, you and me
Caught drama
Girl tragedy, oh brother
I promise you it's better days ahead
Talk to me, now. 

(Go listen to the song wherever you can find it, it will make you happy too.)

UPDATE: Here, someone found it for you:


  1. Sounds like the parable you were trying to land is that sometimes our own interpretation of an event are just that: skewed. So be more selective with the "bars" you choose to go into. If your needs aren't met, you're in the wrong place. You know you are attracted to the most disillusioned men around. Please don't give up. Your perfect drink will be set in front of you soon, without you even having to order it. And yes, I'm back. I'd never leave my most honest bloggle dabbler in distress. Still waiting to hear about the new guy. Spash!

  2. new guy? there is no new guy?


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