Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This family eats a lot of toast.

History was made last weekend.

My grandma is a lady. She doesn't swear, act fresh, or dress inappropriately.
In fact, she has NEVER said the 'F' word and she maintained that I would likely see my death before I ever heard it from her mouth.

That sentence was true until last Saturday. I came downstairs to help put up Christmas decorations. Apparently I was too late.

grandma: "Thanks for your help."

me: "Well, you need to ask when you want people to help you."

grandma: "I did. Everything is done but the Christmas lights."

me: "Well here I am so I guess I'll put up the fucking Christmas lights."

(short pause)

grandma: "I don't have any fucking Christmas lights."

She said it. And I think she nailed it. If you're only going to use the word once in your life... use it wisely. It made me very happy and I hung the Christmas lights outside in the cold.

Later she told me I backed her into a corner and she had no choice but to say it. Her reasoning only makes me love it more. She's a fighter.


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