Monday, March 22, 2010

Some Things I Love

In no particular order...

Lunch with old friends

Soda pop



Babysitting sleepytime babies



Keebler's new Cheesecake Middles

Champagne and red wine

Stella and Jameson


This lady:


The smell of old books


Gameday Babies

Yea, so obviously ... I am very lucky.


  1. I cannot express the level of which I love that tattoo!!! OMG...I have been itching for some ink for some time now but I want to get it right....25% of my current tattoos I hate with a passion!!! :)

    PS - Good list :)

  2. thanks! it's one of my favorite. i got it just over three years ago. it's hard to have a lot of tattoos and not end up with some that you hate. i have those, too. but, here is some carly tattoo trivia, i didn't start getting tattoos until i was 25. and i started with my sleeve. (okay, i do have a fish on my butt that was a $35 18-year-old impulsive decisions). my biggest pieces have been from 25 and, especially, after 30. i love them. i have half my chest piece outlined and shaded, it's a work in progress. think absolutes. things that you have loved for at least 10 years. meaningful tattoos will always make you happy. and hey, if you want me to hook you up with my tattoo artist, JP, when you roll through town, he's THE BEST! let's DO THIS!
    25% isn't bad odds... :)


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