Thursday, April 1, 2010

Paper Thin Walls

Guess what time of the month it is?

That's right! Time for "Annoying Things That Make Me Physically Sick"!

And ... go!

1. Time for my mom to get her prescriptions refilled. This means two days of her binging and zombie-like antics. This includes each of her eyes going different directions when you talk to her (creepy). Bonus annoying side effects: extremely loud snoring/sleep whistling that I can hear, even now, through the walls; watching her have hallucinations of flying babies and visiting relatives; more rotting of her insides.

2. Time for someone I love to break my heart.

3. Time for SNOW in the month of April. Seriously? God has a sick, sick sense of humor.

4. Time for me to miss my grandpa so much that it hurts.

5. Time for life changes that I don't know if I am ready for. Terrifying, exciting, and life-changing. Just when I thought I was reaching a point of peace in my life, I realize I still have so much more to learn.

6. Time to move. Time to change. Time to grow. Time to hurt. Time to be strong. Time to sleep.


  1. Yesterday was the time for my uterus to try and carve it's way out of my body with a dull instrument via my, I decided to go out and get drunk with one of my friend's who was getting her pink slip today. Yeah...I hear ya sister. I bought $70 worth of fish and vegatables 2 days ago but now I'm sitting here with a belly full of pizza wanting to vomit. Failure.

  2. Today I woke up feeling wonderful. I was so warm and cozy and I knew I have spent the last couple days making my life and everyone in it inexplicably joyous, especially that one I love the most. I slept in a nice soft bed next to my baby and I spent the afternoon completing an extremely important precursor to my professional career i'd been preping for months. everything went flawless. I found out some wonderful news, then I went home, made love to the sweetest girl I know. I felt so warm cozy and dry all day. Perfect!!! and know it will just keep on getting better..........HAPPY APRIL FOOLSsss(excuse me while I go pour alcohol into my fresh self inflicted razor wounds)

    I love u baby, and that's NOT a joke!!


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