Tuesday, April 27, 2010


it's never fun when you are involved in an intervention; especially when you are the person the intervention is focused on. and that's exactly what happened to me last weekend.

i am not proud of it but part of my recovery is talking about it.

my big sister was in town and she, along with my other two sisters, convinced me that a change was needed. they were right.

after two days i caved to their demands and ... waxed my arm pits. it had gotten out of control. i just didn't realize it (or care). and i have to admit, i feel better. i even had my eyebrows waxed to prove my commitment to change. and, well i have to say it, i have a Brazilian scheduled next week. it is summer after all.

there. it's allll out on the table now. i know i have a long road ahead of me but i have a great support team. step two of the program is re-inserting myself into society. baby steps.

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  1. Yeah it is all out on the table now... all out like your bizness is when the hungarian lady is ripping a layer of skin off your nether regions while you pretend that the ceiling tiles are THAT interesting...welcome back to society, welcome back. :)



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