Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lost in Free Translation

My sleep forecast is predicting little or no chance of slumber tonight so I thought I would share one of my favorite pastimes: free online translation! It takes everyday conversations and turns them into super-fun-laughing times.

Ahem, for example.

English: I have heartburn and think celebrities are creepy. to Spanish: Tengo acidez y pienso que las celebridades son escalofriantes. back to English: I have acidity and think that the fame is horrifying.

I know. It gets better with longer messages.

Real email: I had a weird dream last night. I was being arrested for attempted murder and had to surrender to a SWAT team. I was devastated because I had just had a baby girl and didn't know how I would smuggle her into prison. In the last 24 hours before my incarceration, we had a big party and celebrated the next 25 years of birthdays that I would miss. I wore a big hat. to Spanish: Tuve un sueño raro anoche. Fui detenido para el asesinato procurado y tenido que rendir a un equipo del GOLPE REPENTINO. Fui devastado porque acabo de tener una nena y no supe cómo yo la pasaría de contrabando en la prisión. En las últimas 24 horas antes de mi encarcelación, nosotros tuvimos un partido grande y celebramos los próximos 25 años de los cumpleaños que perdería. Llevé un sombrero grande. to English: I had a rare dream last night. I was person under arrest for the murder tried and had that to yield to a team of the SUDDEN BLOW. I was devastated because I have just had a nena and I did not I know how would pass it from contraband in the prison. In the last 24 hours before my imprisonment, we had a large party and we celebrate the next 25 years of the birthday that would lose. I carried a large hat.

It's kind of like my own version of Mad Libs ...

Not to change the subject but, do people really like Erykah Badu?


  1. are simplistically awesome.

    Considering I am on the SWAT Team as a tactical dispatcher, I will now be changing my team to the Sudden Blow Dispatcher...but then, I fear I will have to become a whore. Yeah, no bones about it...that's what we call those girls around here. :)

    10-4, good buddy?

  2. 10-4 good buddy! I LIKE it. The Sudden Blow Team ... I was going to suggest Sudden Blow to the Head but it doesn't help, does it?




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