Sunday, February 6, 2011

30 Things: Day 8

short term goals for this month and why

Goal: Let go.
Why: It's time.

Goal: Start and finish thank you cards.
Why: It's never too late to let people know you appreciate them.

Goal: Register my car.
Why: It's expired.

Goal: Find my map.
Why: I need to get back on track.

Goal: Get out of bed everyday, keep my head up, believe in myself, know my truth, and be grateful.

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  1. Excellent post, my friend. Love the picture.

    Yesterday I went and paid my almost $300 overdue insurance bill just before it got sent to collections. I had the money, I just didn't pay it out of spite since they make it so hard to pay for the damn bill online unless you pay an extra fee. It's extortion and I chanced getting in an uninsured accident for 2 months. My bad. I got my shit under control finally. You will to. have some dang cutie pie girls. :)


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