Wednesday, February 16, 2011

30 Things: Day 10

songs you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad

rather than have this post bleed like a haemophiliac on coumadin, i decided to refer only to songs that i have listened to recently. you see, the soundtrack to my life began at an early age. it is probably several hundred GB by now. i'll start that project another time. until then, the songs fueling my life right now are listed below. (i've even included my favorite lyrics.)

music is therapy for me. it's good for the soul. it's magic.

and this ... THIS play list is magic:

"Blood Bank" : Bon Iver
Defeated: This song saved my life. I was driving home and had to pull over to regroup. "Blood Bank" came on and it was beautiful, the beginning of The Breakdown.
Favorite lyrics: "that secret that we know, that we don't know how to tell, i'm in love with your honor, i'm in love with your cheeks"

"Trouble Weighs A Ton" : Dan Auerbach
Melancholy: Lucy loves it and it's good music to do taxes to.
Favorite Lyrics: "What's wrong, dear sister? Did your world fall down?"

"Handsome Furs Hate This City" : Handsome Furs
Favorite Lyrics: "oh, there was home ... we hate this city, filled its drone"

"Cold Girl Fever" : The National
Favorite Lyrics: "I promised to leave if you ever went cold, Then leave when I'm sleeping, you told me Put your spine in your back and your arms in your coat, Don't hold on to me when there's nothing to hold."

"Shell Games" : Bright Eyes
Favorite Lyrics: "here it come, that heavy love, you're never going to move it alone, here it come, that heavy love, tattooed on a criminal's arm, here it come, that heavy love, someone got to share in the load"

"All Yr Songs" : Diamond Rings
Favorite Lyrics: "... and if you ever wonder how we keep from going under, it's because we find another reason not to give in ..."

"Airplanes" : Local Natives
Favorite Lyrics: "I love it all ... so much I call ... I want you back"

"The Sun Will Burn Your Eyes" : Jay William Henderson
Favorite Lyrics: "... and the moon will calm you down ... "

I am also very fond of "Dirty Girl/Muchacha Sucia" by Bobby Light.

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