Wednesday, March 9, 2011

30 Things: Day 11

another picture of you and your friends

this is where my OCD kicks in. i have so many friends that are so good to me that i feel like i need to post about 100 pictures. i know i haven't included everyone, but i have taken the liberty to post more pictures than the rules allow.

true friends check in on you even when you don't respond. they come visit and send notes to cheer you up.

lifelong friends go to vegas with you and love you no matter what. when you leave vegas, they love you as much as when you arrived.

soulmate friends take care of you, love you unconditionally, have your back, and give it to you straight. then they tell you they love you. they are strong and beautiful.

real friends laugh at your dysfunction, cry when they are happy to see you, make you do things that are good for you, and have a heart as big as the moon.

best friends listen a lot, offer support, give great perspective, and quietly but diligently watch over you.

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