Wednesday, March 16, 2011

happy. happy. happy anniversary.

65 years ago today, my gramps and grams got married.

i wish i could have been at their wedding. i wish i could see their love in its youth.
i wish i could see their youth and smiles and happiness.

my grandma said tonight, "i am mad at him. i am mad at him for leaving me here."

i don't blame her, but i am sure glad he did.

chloe and i have been reading the letters he sent to her when he was in WW2. the one above is from february 24, 1946. they are treasures. some funny, some sad, some mushy, some mean ... but ALL treasures.
in chloe's words, "Love is NOT like it used to be."


  1. Wow. Never lose those letters. They are antiques, and letter writing is pretty much a dead art. If you ever get rid of them, send them to me first. I'll keep them for you.

  2. oh erin, they are sooo amazing. and in such good shape. i will NEVER get rid of them but in the event of my death, i will leave printed instructions with your address. i love letter writing.

    i also love old photographs from my grandpa in the war, or when he was building his house on the farm. and his medals, and certificates. and his flag.

    i will one day have an entire room in my home dedicated to my gramps. he was my hero. for reals.


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