Sunday, April 10, 2011

30 Things: Day 17

someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

Who else? Dr. Phil McGraw! I would want to switch places with Dr. Phil for one day for a number of reasons. I guess it would just be awesome to have the knowledge he has. With his knowledge, I could solve all of my life's mysterious. Or I guess he would since he'd be me? I hope I make a life map for me when I'm him.

I would also like to flaunt his devilish good looks and charisma around town. (I mean, you saw the 'thumbs up' above, right?) How can you even compete with this class? Geez, I love him. I would probably go to a couple of schools and teach a hard-hitting seminar on bullying. Who knows? Maybe I would visit a PTA meeting. The possibilities are endless. If only.

A girl can dream. Or, maybe (as Dr. Phil would say) it's time to "get REAL!"


  1. This kills me a little bit every time...this guy.
    "Don't pee on miii-iiii back and tell me it's rainin', son"

  2. LOL!

    lord, have mercy. and excellent point! another AMAZING reason that Dr. Phil is THE person i want to switch lives with ... because i could use his adorable vernacular.

    "THAT dog don't hunt!"
    "Do I look like I just fell off a turniiiip tru-uck?"
    "I was born in the night, but it wa'nt last night."
    "You don't get it! To hell with your feelings!"

    Let's go find him, Lo. Bucket list. Done.


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