Tuesday, May 10, 2011

30 Things: Day 20

someone you see yourself marrying or being with in the future

well, oddly enough, i can't answer this question easily. i have been married once. i have lived with someone after 10 years of being single. and now, i am happy being single and having my girls with me. i don't know that i will ever get married again. maybe. but not likely. if i found "the one". if "the one" exists. but i have always been happy being single. not because i'm scared of commitment or weird. i just do better. i do good by myself. i am more focused and smarter. i am just happy. i guess i give and receive enough love from my family that i don't feel like i am searching for something.

sometimes, i get lonely. i think it would be nice to have someone to watch lu giggle or toot. to watch lo grow up too fast and help me guide her through the teenage years. but it's hard to do that. especially because it's impossible for anyone to feel the kind of love i have for these kids. i don't know. it's better. it's good.

so. the answer is that i see myself being with my girls in the future. i know this much to be true. outside of that, the unknown is welcome. right now, i am where i am supposed to be. and things are ... good.

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