Friday, May 20, 2011

quiescent was the night

it's raining outside. and i like it. i like the sound of it and i like the idea of everything being drenched and refreshed. of course, i would prefer it to be a warm, summer rain instead of this eerie, cold rain ... but it's kind of comforting to be in a warm, soft bed knowing it's cold outside.

i know that i should be sleeping but there is something very calming about this late hour. the house is so quiet. my lovelies are sleeping soundly. nothing needs to be done. the rain is percussing on the window. and i have a moment. a moment to be. and i can be nothing. i don't need to be a mother, granddaughter, employee, grocery shopper, or writer. i can be ... still. and remember, appreciate, and regroup. i don't have these moments very often during the day. if ever.

i am not complaining. it's just a very busy time right now. there is always something that needs to be done. that's just how it is. sometimes i hear someone say that they are bored, or looking for something to do. i think that is so fantastic. i can't remember the last time i was bored. there is always something; there are always at least twenty things that i would have to do if i was bored.

maybe that's why i like the night time. i am alone. no one is calling. i imagine everyone i love to be sleeping. the banks are closed. the offices are closed. the grocery store is closed. the baby isn't hungry. The Teenager is content. everyone is safe and well. the doors are locked. nothing is happening. nothing. i love that. oh, i love it.

so now i am going to sink into my bed, close my heavy eyes and listen to the gentle tapping on my window. and i'll let my thoughts go until they escape my head.

hello, sanity. i'm so glad i have you in my life again. 

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