Sunday, May 1, 2011

heavy resolve

it is impossible to be honest with others if you're not, first, honest with yourself.

don't wait for people to show you that they care. if they do, you will know.

don't will anything to "be," just let it.

make the same mistake once or twice ... then stop.

no matter how bad you want something -- so much that it makes life bend every part of you -- if you don't get it, you will understand why in time. the time until ... is hell.

let others play the "confused" or "helpless" parts. you know. you know, you know, you know. it's the easy way out. take a deep breath. cry hard. let go.

once you come to the resolve, that there is no hope, that there are no expectations, that you've given more than you had to give, you find acceptance.

The Breakdown becomes The Resolve. and then maybe, we'll rebuild. and we'll believe. and we'll understand. maybe? maybe.

until then, music. love. friends. clean minds. family. doing something new. we can't wait forever. sometimes we have waited too long.

hopelessness. it's okay to embrace it.

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