Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Teenager

i got the following text from The Teenager this evening. when we were laying in bed, i asked her where she found it and she casually said, "i just wrote it."

i love the things you say to me, but i can also hate them too.
i love the way you act around me, and i love the way i act around you.
i love your smile, and also your heart... but i hate the way i act whenever we're apart.
you've always got me waiting, but i'm used to it by now,
all my friends think i'm crazy, they they ask me why and how.
i can't live without you, i know you can't live without me too,
so please promise no more silent long days and love me forever,
forever and always.

her heart is gigantic. her talents are endless. her beauty is stunning. i can guess who she wrote it for, but it doesn't matter. it made my year that she shared it with me. my sweet angel.

photo courtesy of Justin Hackworth Photography.

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