Sunday, February 28, 2010

amici: capitolo un

i have a friend named Lancaster aka Melanie. she is smart. she lives on the coast. she sends me awesome things like this. (i totally made out with him once ... when he was a Chippendale.) she enjoys sunsets and fine cuisine. we are intellects and discuss important things over brie and wine.

i have a friend named Nate-Dogg-Momlinson. it was his birthday yesterday. i missed his birthday party and it made me really sad. i am going to make it up to him, though. because he is one of my best friends. he is super cool and owns a recording studio.

i have a friend named Remy. he is the sweetest friend in the entire world. he is by far the best host and one of the funniest people i know. my hell, he is funny. and he's going to be an architect. he is one of my best friends, too.

i have friends named Wes and Pow. they procreated and they did really great. Wes has been my friend for 17 years. he plays in a great band, Tough Tittie. Pow is a knock out. like BOOM!

i have a friend named Gina. i don't see her enough ... or at all. i miss her. i love her. we have been best friends through A LOT of stuff. from trips to Hong Kong to crying on each others' shoulders. i am going to kidnap her i think.

i have a friend named Mikele. we have sleepovers with our puppies and laugh a lot. she does my hair too. she makes me feel gorgeous when my roots are two to three inches grown out.

i have a friend named Karma. i feel like we are kindred spirits. i bet i meet her one day. i hope i meet her one day. scratch that. i WILL meet her one day.

i have a friend named Brooks. he is really popular and busy, which is why he makes me feel extra special by doing super nice things just for me. he took me out for a margarita on my birthday. i almost cry sometimes because i love him so much.

i have a friend named Kelly. i would kick any one's ass for her. i would also hug her until all her tears stopped and she turned back into one of the toughest girls i know. her heart is huge. really.

i have a friend named Bethie. we will probably grow old together in palm springs or somewhere and fight over who has the cutest nieces and nephews. we'll wear hats and sunglasses and drive Buick's. (yes, Lancaster, you are already in.)

i have a friend named Dainon. he moved to Florida. i bet he turns into an alligator. or at least grows long yellow fingernails. i secretly hope he finds a sugar momma who makes him wax his chest and clean out the pool ... but he gets paid millions of dollars to do so, which he spends on the love of his life: music.

i have a friend named Shannon. we don't see each other much these days, but she has impacted my life in a very profound way. she was there for me during some of the hardest times of my life. it's not possible for me to love her any more. the best thing about Shan ... she accepts you and doesn't judge you. at all. that's very rare.

i have a friend named Whisper. she's going to be a mommy. she is exactly what i envision my CJ will grow up like. and that's a good thing. i hope Whisper has a little girl that she names Sparrow or Bear. a little darling baby girl who is stronger than diamonds. a little blondie firecracker.

i have a friend named Ally. she is super smart (and startling young for her intelligence and accomplishments). she's going to get her master's degree this year. and she's funny. she flash-dances under vents in Wendover like you ain't neva seen!

i have a friend named JPW. he has a memory as sharp as a tack. he makes me laugh until my stomach hurts. he lives in a haunted mansion with secret blue rooms. one day he'll come visit me in utah. i'll make him eat my grandma's food. he has a butler/housekeeper that i used to date (Eddie Vedder). i know, awkward, right?

i have a friend named Jodi. we met in kindergarten. she used to make me laugh so hard that i would have to take a time out. we shared all our secrets, good or bad, and we were best friends. and still are. she's too far away and i miss her all the time. we used to love sneaking out of her house and drinking wine coolers in high school. she had the sweetest car ever too.

i have a friend named Nicholas. he makes grandpa jokes (i.e. you're going to run to salt lake? that's a long way to run.), he tells me he loves me, he makes me happy and then he makes me pizza at 3am. no shit. he's really smart and he is going to be super successful ... but most importantly -- smart, sexy, and successful aside -- he is resilient, sweet, strong, and loves me no matter what (i think). he is also locked in my attic. i think he looks like a young Bob Dylan.

... to be continued ... l'elenco continuerà ...


  1. Yes, we WILL fact, I am determined to travel 50,000 miles this year. I'm already up to like 15,000 and it's just March. :) I'm driving to Denver...I'll stop and see you. We'll drink drinks, and talk about things that you don't talk about in public, and laugh and laugh and laugh, then we'll write all about it. :) Yay!!!

  2. Oh and when you say kindred spirits, it brings me back to my childhood and wataching Anne of Avonlea...I loved that series! :)

  3. Oh, Anne of Avonlea ... bless our spirits and our souls. I can't wait. Truly. It's going to be one of those years ...

  4. I love you, I miss you and you made me cry you bitch! Me and the boys need to come down for a visit. I love you!


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