Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Have Rabies

...and I also have black hair. BLACK.

Platinum blonde and black. Anyway, it is adorable and the only thing that might get me through this month of rotten-ness: Getting older, Valentine's Day, and my grandma spitting loogies. (I shit you not, she just forced up a huge one in the bathroom.*)
*Correction: She was forcing up the dinner I made her.

BUT. I have tons and tons and tons and tons of stuff to say. And I want to make this post.
BIGGER BUT. I have to go to sleep tonight. Like 33 minutes ago.

So I will just say, my blog is going to maybe be public soon because I am getting braver.

Good night!

Oh quickly, my favorite love song for 2009 is Slow Show by The National. Another favorite love song (that I am going to listen to today) is The Mr T. Experience, Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend.

This is where the post should've ended.
I was always so bummed out in high school because I never had a boyfriend, primarily because we never had a "song." I totally would have picked Queensryche.
New Me: Huh, of all the totally fabulous guys I dated in High School, college, my 20's, none of us had a "song." Weird.
(I want to write about that now because it immediately brings up like 67 ideas, but I rrrrrreally do have to go to sleep. Doctor's orders. (Rabies, weird, I know).
Future Me: I was married once and we didn't have a song. Maybe that's what went wrong...


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