Monday, February 2, 2009

Sundance Extravaganza

My crew has a tradition of celebrating February birthdays at Sundance each year. There are four birthdays in February within our group, but really it is a night for everyone--no matter when your big day is.

Past Sundance highlights include cutting Mikele off from booze before dinner; the complete laugh-cry-come-apart when a waitress fell down with a huge tray of food right in front of us; Robert Redford almost hitting me in the parking lot; Aunt Shauna peeing in a parking lot; Giovonni hitting on both my mother and me. And, of course, every year at least one person cries.

This year would be no exception. However, we would have to do it without Mindy and Grammy.

(Side note: Grandma was unable to attend because she has bronchial pneumonia so she spent the night at home coughing up foul, gooey shit and secretly infiltrating every area in the house before we got home. Mindy was also unable to attend; she is holding down the Logan fort with Max and Piper.)

Mikele, Tawny, and I all got car sick on the way up to the resort: hot backseat + no mirrors or light to put make up on with + flask of whiskey + winding roads + hunger.

I ate lots and lots of food: two dirty martinis, wedge salad, meatloaf with mashed potatoes, milk chocolate panna cotta with caramel corn, and apple pie.

During dinner, we all had a great time catching up. I did see a few people cough (or gag) a little when we talked about Dean. Dean spoils Tiny so much that everyone else is gagging with jealousy. He has a secret fantasy vacation planned for her birthday. They will be going somewhere warm and to see a Broadway play. Everyone was amazed and tickled and wanted the details. And I have to say, I do think he's amazing but Tiny (cough) definitely (gag) deserves it.

Wayne is also deemed to be another amazing boyfriend. Smart, kind, charismatic, laid back, and just a true gentleman. I think Wayne and Shooter are going to be blissfully happy for sure. They will be the ultimate super couple. Their combined personalities could create an even MORE awesome coffee shop with creative art forms, vinyl records, live shows, unique t-shirts, maybe amazing hair cuts, and killer people that hang out there (me).

Aside from Tiny, Shooter and me, everyone else is married (or in a 15+ year relationship) and they are all "happy." I think it's sad that marriage ends so many awesome things in a relationship.

Leading up to any birthday or major holiday, the single ladies always get the full court press. This year I am pretending like it didn't happen.

Afterwards, the Owl Bar:
Not too crowded but had a rockin' band that was the epitome of a country-rock cover band. Very interesting. There were a bunch of people from Springville there for some reason. Instead of dragging out the details, I'll give you some highlights and you can check out the pictures:

- Drinks are overpriced. Good thing I had my flask. Pretty sure they aren't putting the correct amount of alcohol in their drinks.
- Mikele and Jaclyn danced it up.
- Shauna was non-stop comedy and danced in her seat, until she couldn't take it any longer and her feet carried her to the dance floor.
- The frizzapuff came in and danced in her electrifying way.
- Someone bought us drinks.
- The waitress finally showed us who the nice man was that sent us drinks.
- The "nice man" was a "nice woman."
- Me: "I get this all the time. We can just raise our glass to her and let her know we appreciate it."
- I should have known it would not be this easy.
- Meet Mikele: Lesbian for Hire. Something about shots make her dance. Especially if you buy Patron.
- Meet Tawny: Cousin Revenge: Apparently someone said Shman was super hot..
- I got a lap dance from Aunt Shauna! It was so worth being another year older!
- My mom didn't wear tights or clogs. She was actually okay to hang out with.
- Jaclyn was the one crying this year. I will not share the reason.

The drive home was totally awesome. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it was more fun than the bar. Unfortunately, I can't divulge what happened because names and actions must remain confidential. We did stop and get rolled tacos from Beto's and they were scrumptious.

I really love being around my sisters and cousins. Our relationship is priceless. It makes me soooo happy. It was a super fun night and I love having one more memory of our crew. Hopefully, we will have many, many more.

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