Friday, January 30, 2009


My nephew Maximus makes me very happy. There is just something about seeing my nieces and nephew that instantly makes me feel euphoric. I get to see my two nieces just about every day; I am very lucky. Maximus, however, lives in Logan so I don't have the pleasure of hanging out with him as much as I'd like. My sis does a good job updating me on his daily activities, sending me picture messages, and letting him chat with me on Google Chat.

So... here are a few of my favorite picture messages and respective captions:

"King Kong pulled his toy basket over. He says they're in love."


"Self portrait for Aunt Carly"

"Best friends: Sunny & Max"

I have about 200 more photos I could share but I think these pictures adequately convey his deliciousness. I love his laugh, smile, scowl, cleft chin, serious face, fuzzy head, long toes, no bum, spoon thumbs, big blue eyes, scream and on and on and on and on...

Kids are amazing and should be loved everyday. Forever and ever.

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