Thursday, January 15, 2009

c r a c k i n e s s

you know how they say if a person loses one of their five senses, they experience a heightened awareness in one of the others? yea, well, i don't know much about that but i do know that since i haven't been using my brain for anything productive, it is thinking in overdrive. i think that i may be on the brink of insanity. no, really. same thing goes for tolerance. since i don't go out in public as much anymore, i have become ridiculously irritated when i do. it makes me hate people, if i'm being perfectly honest.

when some lady with five kids and a blank stare on her face cuts in front of me or yells at one of her kids, i want to slap her face off her head.

the cashier picks at her teeth; i want to kick her in the shin.

people who say, "Huh?" loudly and ignorantly; stab them in the eye.

people who gossip; pour acid all over them.

stare at me; head butt.

if i was filling my brain with more work, music, exercise, conversations or mexico, i wouldn't notice how annoying people are. or maybe if i didn't have someone constantly talking to me and telling me what to do i might not be as irritable. it's getting close to crazy around here. i need alone time immediately. otherwise, my eyes will slowly gloss over and i will never be the same again.


  1. i swear to you... i had never dreamt about pouring acid on people before i made this post on this day. then today, i read this article:

    Afghan Girls Maimed By Acid Vow To Go To School
    GO HERE:
    Shivering in pain and calling for her mother, Shamsia's hands shake uncontrollably, her eyes swollen shut and her skin peeling from terrible acid burns...

    this is complete bull shit. i am going to figure out a way to do something, anything. in the meantime, read the article and accept my apologies. while i think gossiping is a disgusting habit, violence in any form is not acceptable. tongue in cheek. and peace and love to you all.

  2. Here is a start...

    To be continued...


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