Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Dip

I am still not sure how this whole blogging thing is supposed to work. I am totally blown away by how many people do it. It kind of freaks me out, having my history posted online.

Usually my personal writing consists of scribbles in various notebooks, mostly just incomplete sentences and random lists. For example, today I would have jotted down something like this:

Woke up--didn't want to.
Went to lunch with my favorite cousins. Hot and sour soup was the best.
Was jealous of how well my cousin gets along with her grown daughters.
Thought about how weird they think it is that I don't really talk to my mom. They think it is weirder than it feels.
Drove up the canyon and took pictures.
Ate pizza.
Counted my grandma sneezing 15 times in a row.
Got pictures developed.
Listened to public radio. (Note: do that more often.)
Wondered what someone feels like right before they go crazy.
Concluded that sometimes love feels really empty.
Looked at pictures.
Debated digital cameras vs. 35 mm film.

So is this what people want to read? Is this what I am suppose to blog about? I doubt it. Although the pictures I took turned out really awesome:

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