Monday, January 12, 2009

Long Island Iced Tea

Last night there was a really great show in the city with a collaboration of 20+ local musicians. One of my favorite localites, Will Sartain, led the group and sang vocals. Dependent on over twenty different instruments playing at any one time, the music was unbelievably harmonic. The stage was loaded with talent; the heavy sound of multiple guitars vibrated throughout the lounge as keyboards and drums pounded along. I kind of expected the vocals to be somewhat washed out but Will's voice came through quite clearly. It was a rare experience and it totally rocked!

It was a hard act to follow and Teen Wolf did himself no favors by trying to do so. It was entertaining nevertheless. I sometimes wish that I lived downtown so I could sit in dark corners and listen to live music every night. Sigh.

Here are some other cool people who have good taste in music:

a random bearded man:


the boy:

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