Monday, February 23, 2009

I Was Born For This Job

My application for the Best Job in the World is in!

Conceptualized, filmed, edited, and uploaded in less than 2 hours:

Long shot? Maybe. Could we have done better? Sure. Still, the chances of getting this job are waaaay better than winning the lottery. We totally rocked the cookie factory and La Tienda for treats, real beer, and lottery tickets during our trip to Logan.

I just have to say that for me to even try for this ridiculous contest was a big deal. It was humiliating. Some of you might be surprised to learn that I am painfully shy. As the deadline approached, it became very tempting to dismiss it as a waste of time. But I did it. Because I still have some dreams. So there.

I tried to pass for nothing
But my dreams gave me away...

UPDATE: I did not get the Island Caretaker job. Didn't even make it to the shortlist. And I am not trying to be rude, but the 50 finalists aren't even that spectacular. Ah well, the good news is that I did get the kick ass job I applied for last week. I started today. It's pretty awesome. Kinda lonely, kinda wish I had someone to go get coffee with, kinda wish I wasn't the only one in the marketing department... but I am really looking forward to the challenge. The other good news is that spring is around the corner! I have decided that I am going to go somewhere amazing this year on a trip. Not sure where or with whom...but it will be way better than the stupid Great Barrier Reef where I probably would have drowned or been eaten by a shark!

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