Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh, Omaha.

Omaha is one of those places you visit that makes you think, I could live here. People are friendly, it's laid back, there are quaint record stores and even quainter coffee shops, the food is tasty, the city is green and then... then there is the music. And it's everywhere. It's in the trees. It hides in the wrinkles of the people who live there. It creaks from the hinges on every door.

So many bands I love have sprouted from Omaha. The music, like the city, feels like home. It feels like driving down an old familiar street and getting a quick pang of excitement because you're almost there. It feels like walking around barefooted in wet grass and on scratchy roads. It's like knowing you can sleep all summer, and waking up to the smell of waffles. The Omaha Sound feels like summer's first sunburn. And one band that precipitates these feelings for me is Cursive. Lucky me. They are bringing a little piece of Omaha to Salt Lake City tomorrow night.

Lucky you. Taking the Daytrotter model to a visual level, Lake Fever Productions brings you high-def crack cocaine: Lake Fever Sessions.

Watch Tim Kasher and team record "From The Hips" in Nashville. And then keep going. It's quickly becoming my favorite website.


  1. Omaha? Really? I'll sooo trust you and add it to my list of places to go just for the going...:)

  2. do it! i recommend planning it around a show/tour/band that you want to see, preferably at The Waiting Room.


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