Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tony Robbins ruined my life.

He is a giant man with a giant, gurgle-y voice. And I think he is made out of wax. He also (indirectly) caused me to have a meltdown at Albertsons that resulted in me being escorted out by security.

The reason I will never be successful in corporate america is because:

a. I will never ask anyone to do something I am not willing to do.
b. I will never use people as a means for my own success or career advancement.
c. I have a vagina.
d. I won't kiss ass.

Do I sound bitter? Because I totally am. Coming off a four day event that almost killed me made me realize how ridiculous some people are. I am so over it, I need a new word for over.

The upside is that I have amazing co-workers and I was able to witness some hilarity that included someone being kicked in the shin and told to fu*k off, an extraordinary use of the world "dildo", and a double foot rub by two boys that made me blush.

The up UP side is that it's over and now I can focus on Chloe, myself, my boyfriend, and summer.


  1. Tony Robbins is a FREEK! I do believe he has a dildo as well. Or at least he wishes he was.

  2. i watched Shallow Hal last night and i kinda like him now.

  3. All I know is that a super close friend almost went bankrupt following a dream. Tony now has around $75,000 -$100,000 of his money with a platinum power deal. That's nothing. My friend quit his job and after all the traveling around the world with Tony didn't work to improve his financial success, he had to sell three of his houses. He has nothing at all left for his retirement. Much worse off now than before he lived and breathed Tony. Oh, and one more thing: being a vegetarian is great (an unknown Tony deal) but all the limited food options left my friend skinnier than a bicycle. Not flattering on a dude!

  4. Your friend didn't have to waste all that money. I just ordered the Tony Robbins dvds for about $300 and got all I needed out of that. Certainly improved my life: business, health, weight, you name it.
    Anyone can do anything the wrong way and mess up their own lives.

  5. Its all about the money. They sign you up and then just keep taking it. Part of the course is days spent talking about how the next course will make things better. After you get fooled into signing up then and there for the next promise which they can't delvier they start debiting your account and don't stop even when you beg them 2. The greatest thing about Tony Robbins is how his organisations screws you for every dime. They also suggest that depressed people aren't really depressed. They just need to change their state. I wonder how many depressed people have plummeted after listening to the hype and then going off their meds. Its all about the $$$. Stay away at all costs.

  6. attended one of his seminars,[6] and he employs some techniques used by cults. Telling the crowd the only way they'll be good business people/healthy is by listening to him - that they can't do it on their own. That sort of "you are nothing without me" talk is very common among cults. Also, the fact that he tells people to repeatedly come back to his seminars demonstrates that his seminars aren't what they purport to be, and indeed look more like a scam intended to get people to attend every seminar they can, thereby depriving needy people of their money in return for "guaranteed" happiness. Then there's the strobe-lighting, the incessant high-fives, the blaring early-1990s cheesy music, and endless "facts" without any sources cited, and the ridiculous "role-play" (where you have to pretend strangers are your best friends, running around and hugging them). For a person offering "scientifically-proven" information, his dislike of actually telling anyone who proved his assertions is disturbing beyond belief, especially as many people adopt his advice in many facets of their lives.

  7. When he says make changes watch out it can cause more issues than it solves...Have your `guard up`. `you can't lose` is a lie.

  8. I struggle daily with the fall out from changes I made 14 years ago. I was at a low ebb, but watch out he can send you up high only to crash lower than you were when you realise you cannot do anything you want. Meanwhile he's skipped the country with your money and he couldn't care less about the anxiety and stress he's caused you and your family. Following Christ is a much better way in the short, medium and long term.

  9. He advocates indulging in sin which will lead to more bondage and less freedom. Best avoided. If it sounds to good to be true then it probably is. This man is a business man first and foremost and is interested in maximizing his profits and does not care if he damages peoples lives. The life to come in eternity with God is far more important then the temporary riches he talks about. For example: 'people who don't think money is everything don't know where to shop'. `desire in it's original latin root means of the father which means anything you desire is from God'. This clearly is not true as it is indulging the sinful nature.


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